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Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $200,000.00
Total Raised: $136,797.89

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 750
Members Recruited: 538

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 Group StructureActionLeader Name
Create New TeamKen McNeely
     AT&T - 2016 Keathley San Ramon Heart WalkJoin TeamTracy Liu
     AT&T - APCA Northern CAJoin TeamBin Hu
     AT&T - ATO/ TFSJoin TeamAdrian Narayan
     AT&T - AutomationJoin TeamPeter Gunawan
     AT&T - Bay Area Legal AmblersJoin TeamNiki Okcu
Margaret Thomson
     AT&T - Bay Walk WarriorsJoin TeamElizabeth Griffith
     AT&T - Best of the BayJoin TeamAngela Kung
Sarah West
     AT&T - Big DATA Big HEARTSJoin TeamMichael Dansbury
Morena Lobos
     AT&T - Business Partner CampaignJoin TeamAT&T Vendor Lead
     AT&T - Business SolutionsCreate New TeamFacility Leader
          AT&T - Corporate Solutions - WestCreate New TeamCorporate Solutions West
               AT&T - Team WestsideJoin TeamTrish Renz
          AT&T - Enterprise WestCreate New TeamDavid Cross
               AT&T - East Bay WalkersJoin TeamPadraic Kelly
               AT&T - Team David CrossJoin TeamDavid Cross
               AT&T - Team GreenfieldJoin TeamJosh Greenfield
               AT&T - Team LintonJoin TeamJamison Linton
               AT&T - Team RobertsJoin TeamStephen Roberts
               AT&T - Team RudnickJoin TeamBurt Rudnick
               AT&T - Team TrevinoJoin TeamRandy Trevino
          AT&T - Team Berris/BrownJoin TeamPatty Berris
Rowena Brown
          AT&T - Team Walkie TalkieJoin TeamShane Davis
          AT&T - Technology OperationsCreate New TeamTechnology Operations
               AT&T - Redwood City Cat WalkersJoin TeamCandace Kika
     AT&T - CA-REGULATORYJoin TeamEric Batongbacal
     AT&T - California Heart Beat WalkersJoin TeamLisa Steinberg
     AT&T - Central Coast WarriorsJoin TeamShannon Goodale
     AT&T - Community Network Bay ChapterJoin TeamSheryl Birden
     AT&T - CRE Cares- EH & SJoin TeamRose Blackmer
     AT&T - Flores_We Got Heart in_Bay Area_ San Ramon_San FranciscoJoin TeamDavid Sporer
Renee Lau
     AT&T - GBS Global Customer ServiceJoin TeamRendo Ho
     AT&T - HACEMOS San Ramon ERGJoin TeamMaria Pallares
     AT&T - Happy TraillsJoin TeamGrant Traill
     AT&T - Harms WayJoin TeamTamara Ayres
     AT&T - Heart to HeartJoin TeamDebbie Neveu
     AT&T - Heart Warriors San RamonJoin Teampamela wright
     AT&T - HR TA/TU Walking as ONE - San RamonJoin TeamJae Spikes
     AT&T - i Heart SF at ATTJoin TeamDwayne Reed
     AT&T - KulkarniJoin TeamSnehal Kulkarni
     AT&T - Leadership TeamJoin TeamKen McNeely
     AT&T - McGaw_SanRamonJoin TeamLisa Jurca
     AT&T - Move Yo BodyJoin TeamPeter Thach
     AT&T - Nor Cal WarriorsJoin Teamrick rhodes
     AT&T - Paws for a CauseJoin TeamCJ Schasker
     AT&T - PranamamJoin TeamSreeleena Paladugu
     AT&T - Proactive MaintenanceJoin TeamEnid Briceno
     AT&T - Public Affairs and Corporate CommunicationsJoin TeamJessica Pecol
     AT&T - Team McCainJoin TeamSusan McCain
     AT&T - Team AKKAYAJoin TeamSinan Akkaya
     AT&T - Team BOOMinsulaJoin TeamAndrew Lingad
     AT&T - Team BrandtmanJoin TeamAlyssa Brandtman
     AT&T - Team CA NetOPSJoin TeamStephanie Salazar
Kelly Leon
     AT&T - Team CarverJoin TeamCorey Carver
     AT&T - Team CayetanoJoin TeamCheri Cayetano Ramirez
     AT&T - Team CernigliaJoin TeamMary Cerniglia
     AT&T - Team CookeJoin TeamJohn Cooke
     AT&T - Team DuskinJoin TeamDiane Duskin
     AT&T - Team EvansJoin TeamToni Evans
     AT&T - Team KoromaJoin TeamSHEKU KOROMA
     AT&T - Team LunaJoin TeamJoseph Luna
     AT&T - Team McKimJoin Teamjohn jefferson
Ileana Winterhalter
     AT&T - Team MountfordJoin TeamScott Mountford
Caroline Mountford Ryan
     AT&T - Team NWOJoin TeamDiego Cavenecia
Beverly Bui-Pham
     AT&T - Team Owyoung - Ruiz Bay C&EJoin TeamGreg Owyoung
Nasiren Perez
     AT&T - Team Powell StreetJoin TeamChristopher Paul
     AT&T - Team RAN/C&EJoin TeamPatrick Hamb
     AT&T - Team Ricks (WOA Bay Area)Join TeamMelissa Ricks
Ivan Randall
     AT&T - Team SheppersonJoin TeamBalita Shepperson
     AT&T - Team SouthwickJoin TeamCathy Southwick
     AT&T - Team Vani MullerJoin TeamVani Muller
     AT&T - Team VenanziJoin TeamEric Venanzi
     AT&T - Team WalkerJoin TeamLoretta Walker
     AT&T - Team WORKMONJoin TeamRick Workmon
     AT&T - Team WorrellJoin TeamMark D Worrell

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