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Oracle Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $400,000.00
Total Raised: $332,038.42

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 3500
Members Recruited: 3241

Thursday, October 20, 11:30am to 1pm
To start a new team, click on the 'Create New Team' link to the right of the level to add the team underneath that level. Click the 'Join Team' next to the team in which you want to become a team member.

 Group StructureActionLeader Name
Create New TeamThomas Kurian
     FinanceCreate New TeamFinance Department
          Oracle - Accounting TeamJoin TeamShelley Feng
          Oracle - BA&AJoin TeamHan Nguyen
          Oracle - Finance Systems GPO and ReportingJoin TeamTracy Archuleta
          Oracle - Global AccountingJoin TeamJason Feldman
Janice Gochnauer
          Oracle - Global Business Finance GBFJoin TeamMelissa Kullander
Jack Dobbyn
          Oracle - Global TaxJoin TeamRita Simpson
Teri McCorkle
Sandra Tsang
Jenny Xiao
          Oracle - LMS NAJoin TeamCourtney Francois
Laura Narat
          Oracle - OFDJoin TeamMichael Tran
          Oracle - Pulse of M&DJoin TeamHeidi Kyaw
          Oracle - Revenue RecognitionJoin TeamAnthony Jenkins
     GISJoin TeamMelody Liu
     LegalCreate New TeamLegal Department
          Oracle LegalJoin Teammichael poplack
     MarketingCreate New TeamMarketing Department
          Oracle - Cloud Product MarketingJoin TeamMonica Kumar
          Oracle - Corporate Communications/OPL A3 TeamJoin Teamjane grodem
          Oracle - Modern MarketersJoin TeamRita Franov
          Oracle - PR SpinnersJoin TeamKristine Zaback
          Oracle - Team Marketing HeartJoin TeamChristina Cavanna
     Oracle - All About CloudJoin TeamLaura Novak
     Oracle - OPALJoin TeamHoward Fong
     OtherCreate New TeamOther Department
          Oracle - Communications Global Business UnitJoin TeamRobin Kinoshita
          Oracle - Corporate CitizenshipJoin TeamMadeline Walsh
          Oracle - Global Trade ComplianceJoin TeamPam Caoili
          Oracle - Heart WalkersJoin TeamKekaau Montez
          Oracle - HOLAJoin TeamJesse Betancourt
          Oracle - Human ResourcesJoin TeamNirva Kadakia
          Oracle - Industry Solution EngineeringJoin TeamVivek Pathak
          Oracle - Linux PenguinsJoin TeamCarol Yates
          Oracle - Lobby Day Sign-UpsJoin TeamLobby Day
          Oracle - OPC SDIJoin TeamGauri Jape
     Product DevelopmentCreate New TeamDevelopment Department
          Oracle - Cloud PSRJoin TeamVikram Kumar
          Oracle - ComputeJoin TeamSudipa Bhattacharya
          Oracle - Data CloudJoin TeamVishu Krishnamurthy
          Oracle - EBS TeamJoin TeamSteve Tonas
          Oracle - Enterprise ManagerJoin TeamMaria Kaval
Vinita Paunikar
          Oracle - EPM CloudJoin TeamDeepak Sharma
          Oracle - ERP Cloud is #1!Join TeamLisa Ozkan
          Oracle - FinancialsJoin TeamTapomoy Dey
          Oracle - Fusion Cloud SaaSJoin TeamRavi Pathak
          Oracle - Fusion HCM Worklife Application TeamJoin TeamDeepika Tetali
          Oracle - Fusion Middleware TeamsCreate New TeamInderjeet Singh
               Oracle - Amit Zavery's TeamJoin TeamAmit Zavery
               Oracle - BIJoin TeamAndrew Watanabe
Gina Cockburn
Richard El-Kadi
               Oracle - CAFJoin TeamChris Kasso
               Oracle - IDMJoin TeamVasuki Ashok
               Oracle - JavaJoin TeamGeorges Saab
               Oracle - Life is WhyJoin TeamInderjeet Singh
Sonia Masias
               Oracle - OTBIJoin TeamManjunath RG
               Oracle - PCSJoin Teamlokesh madan
               Oracle - ZombieSquadJoin TeamMaya Desai
Pamela Haynie
          Oracle - Fusion Order ManagementJoin TeamRakesh Arora
          Oracle - Hardware CadJoin TeamBill Peng
          Oracle - HCMJoin TeamParthasarathy Srinivasan
Ganesh K
          Oracle - HCM - Taleo CloudJoin TeamNagaraj Nadendla
          Oracle - HeartWalk2016Join TeamThomas Kurian
          Oracle - International Product SolutionsJoin TeamToby Yip
          Oracle - Inventory Management CloudJoin TeamManeesh Kumar
          Oracle - Live Long and ProsperJoin TeamJason Feinsmith
          Oracle - ManufacturingJoin TeamSatheesh Nambiar
          Oracle - Meg Loyd's TeamCreate New TeamMeg Loyd
               Oracle - Mega HeartJoin Teamashok handigol
Leena Daptardar
Ruth Mantle
Stephanie Rogers
Saurabh Taneja
          Oracle - OAUX BraveheartJoin TeamCindy Fong
          Oracle - OPCJoin TeamAbhaya Pattanaik
          Oracle - PacemakersJoin TeamAbhishek Ashok
          Oracle - PeopleSoftJoin TeamVijay Gopalan
          Oracle - Product Development - HRJoin TeamChung Cho
          Oracle - Product Development DatabaseCreate New TeamAndrew Mendelsohn
               Oracle - Database Product ManagementJoin TeamPenny Avril
               Oracle - Database TeamJoin TeamAndrew Mendelsohn
               Oracle - Query OptimizerJoin TeamSatya Valluri
               Oracle - System TestingJoin TeamDeepak Kataria
               Oracle - Team RunnerJoin TeamAndrew Wang
               Oracle - TestdevJoin TeamBruce Chang
          Oracle - Product Hub DevelopmentJoin TeamLEENA DAVEY
          Oracle - PTS TeamJoin TeamHelen Zhao
          Oracle - RE&F Walk-starsJoin TeamYvette Mauricia
          Oracle - Responsys RamblersJoin TeamDeepi Mundra
          Oracle - Sales CloudJoin TeamSiva Sundaresan
          Oracle - Service CloudJoin TeamMeeten Bhavsar
Suzanne Soares
          Oracle - Siebel TeamJoin TeamGeorge Jacob
Harish Gowda
          Oracle - Supply Chain PlanningJoin TeamPavan Vedere
          Oracle - Sustaining EngineeringJoin TeamEleanor Meritt
          Oracle - TASJoin TeamPallavi Phene
          Oracle - Team Cloud@CustomerJoin TeamKrista Cuschieri
          Oracle - Team LCMJoin TeamHenriette Fux
          Oracle - Team MagnussonJoin TeamKerry Romero
          Oracle - Team OALJoin TeamSusan Hoffmann
          Oracle - Team OracleJoin TeamMeenakshi Tripathy
          Oracle - Team PDITJoin TeamJackie FitzGerald
Prasad Gadiraju
          Oracle - Team PPMJoin TeamDinakar Hituvalli
          Oracle - Team ProcurementJoin TeamCynthia Goh
Ivan Pena
Sujith Vadakkepati
     Rocklin Campus WalkCreate New TeamRocklin Campus
          Oracle - Christopher WalkinJoin TeamJenn Hinh
          Oracle - GBF Rocklin' HeartsJoin TeamNatalie Burnett
          Oracle - GIC <3 HeartsJoin TeamRebecca Douglas
          Oracle - Hardware HardknocksJoin TeamChrista Warner
          Oracle - LMS NA - RocklinJoin TeamKatie Hughes
          Oracle - M&D RocklinJoin TeamTami Kirchner
          Oracle - RE&F- RocklinJoin TeamBrianne Braswell
          Oracle - Red Hot Chili SteppersJoin TeamSusie Verville
          Oracle - Rocklin GCOJoin TeamKristi Spelis
          Oracle - S2S ProcurementJoin TeamZachary Ledford
          Oracle - Support Heart ThrobsJoin TeamChanda Ingalls
          Oracle - Walk and RollJoin TeamRebecca Coombs
          Oracle - Walkin WarriorsJoin TeamColleen Alford
     SalesCreate New TeamSales Department
          HCM Sales WestJoin TeamJohn St.Germain
          Oracle - CEGBU Has HEARTJoin TeamWin Chang
          Oracle - CX-TremeJoin TeamDariush Mojahed
          Oracle - DwyerWennJoin TeamJenny Luong
          Oracle - Golden State Meehan'sJoin TeamSantino Pozzo
          Oracle - I Heart SCsJoin TeamMeghan O'Brien
          Oracle - KimJoin Teamjesse kim
          Oracle - Kyle Perry's TeamJoin TeamKyle Perry
          Oracle - MAD about MADSJoin TeamAnnelise Jensch
          Oracle - OD - HCM SalesJoin TeamSean Welch
          Oracle - SMB RWS NorthwestJoin TeamBrian Goldstein
          Oracle - SMB WestJoin TeamTara Rastogi
          Oracle - SMB West Coast KillahsJoin TeamAmit Guru
          Oracle - Team NAA-OlsenJoin TeamAnne Heppberger
          Oracle - Team Sertel's Red Hot Chili SteppersJoin TeamScott Duffey
          Oracle - Team Under ArmourJoin TeamClark Bloom
          Oracle - WALKer CX RangersJoin TeamDavid Cosenza
          Oracle - West AppsJoin TeamLionel Liniger
          Oracle - West Platform SEJoin TeamAnand Verma
          Oracle NACISJoin TeamJia Wang
          Team ChandraJoin TeamPriyanka Chandra
          Team JollsJoin TeamMichael Jolls
     SupportCreate New TeamSupport Department
          Oracle - ACS / SupportJoin TeamJustin Knowles
          Oracle - ACS_SSEJoin Teamnavnit mishra
          Oracle - Application SupportJoin TeamAbimani Peiris
          Oracle - BULA TeamJoin Teamcheryl ram
          Oracle - DB / EM SupportJoin TeamRavi Handyal
          Oracle - Heart Throbs!Join TeamQuentin hayden
          Oracle - MW SupportJoin TeamTanya Fitzgerald
          Oracle - Pleasanton SupportJoin TeamGandhi Cherukumilli
          Oracle - Team ConwayJoin TeamConway Snyder
          Oracle - Team HQ GITJoin TeamCarl Washington
          Oracle - Team SchreiberJoin TeamLisa Schreiber
          Oracle - X-LOB-TeamJoin TeamAnil Lalwani
     Worldwide OperationCreate New TeamWorld Operation
          Oracle - Operations TeamJoin Teamjennifer birk
          Oracle - Safra's CatsJoin TeamEllen Eder
          Oracle - Worldwide OperationsJoin TeamCourtney Bagby

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